Our site Easystreetband.org, specializes in providing information about The Easy Street Band in Seattle, Washington. This band has been around for quite some time now and they have a very special history behind them that is worth sharing with others. As a matter of fact, the band has been together since the late 60’s, when they used to gather after school and practice in someone’s garage. That has always been the way bands have come to exist, and The Easy Street Band was certainly not an exception. This band is currently a 9 member Jazz Swing Band that shows off a great female vocalist, named Ingrid DuMosch. As far as the rest of the band is concerned, they are made of Rick Shillinger in the bass, Loretta Brown in the piano, Steve Reinke in the tenor sax, Larry Searles in the trumpet, Jeff Gilles in the guitar, Epaminondas (Nonda) Trimis in percussion, Doug Polcuch in the Baritone sax and jennifer Goebel in the Trombone.

When a person is thinking about any given event that they would like to organize, they should know that there is nothing that matches a live band. Having background music is just not the same. By bringing a good band to your events you can easily create the atmosphere that you are looking for. In addition to all that, if you are into jazz, why not give the The Easy Street Band a try. As it was mentioned earlier this band is located in Seattle, where they have performed since 1966. one of the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to hiring a band for one of your events has to do with the references that you can obtain in terms os fees, responsibility and quality of the band. In our site you will be able to have access to a whole page devoted to references provided by other customers.

If you are from Seattle, there are a lot of possibilities that you have already heard about them or that someone you know has, in which case you would have a direct reference, in case you do not, check our reference section and find out what people are saying about the band’s quality, prices and performances. This band is available for all kinds of events, and they have proven to be quite flexible as well. Be it a dance club event, a wedding, a community festival, a private celebration or a corporate event, they will be more than willing to bring that special ingredient that can be provided by live bands only.

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